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Keys  of  Awareness


" Journey into Colour "

A talk and practical demonstration of the energy of colour, how to see it, and experience it for yourself.  With the Keys of Awareness you can connect with your own energy and use colour for self improvemt and as a bridge to other 'spiritual' states.

Rachael will provide an introduction to the Book of Wonder "The Keys of Awareness" and the large individual Key Cards for Meditation, Healing, and Self Discovery.


Snowdrop Place Care Home  Barchester

2pm/ Tuesday 30 April.

Talk & Readings

Bellessa Lounge, High Street, West End

Sunday 9 June


"Journey into Colour"

Colden Common Community Centre

7.30 - 9 PM.

   KEYS OF AWARENESSS        Rachael Wilmot  2015

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