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Keys  of  Awareness

Colour  Energies

Rachael Wilmot

Hi,   I'm Rachael Wilmot.  

I'd like to introduce you to The Keys of Awareness.  The Keys of Awareness are like musical keys, rather than a key to a door, and, as you listen to music, you go along with it, almost without thinking about it. The Keys of Awareness are visual, and, as you look at them, you enter into them and go on a tourney through colour.

Your awareness is opened and expanded.

Colour has a deeper meaning than you might suspect.  Colour is the quickest and easiest access to the subtle energies that surround us all the time.   Each colour doesn't have a set meaning, although many modern colour theories, and ancient systems align spiritual, mental, and physical, aspects to certain colours, as in the Chakras.

Colour is more than this.   Colour is a realm of awareness, rather than an element of depiction or representation. Colour is a living energy that you can relate to, through your awareness, and you connect simply by looking with a 'sensitivity' or 'being open'. Colour is the bridge that connects your physical and emotional responses, and informs and inspires you on a deeper level.  This deeper level is an awareness of the intangible energies.

It's as simple as that.

The energies are shown to you visually in full colour, without the need for theory, explanation, or concepts.  No  thinking is required.   Even looking at a single colour will produce an effect, (and your favourite colour will say  a lot about you, or at least how you feel today)  but  in THE  KEYS OF AWARENESS a lot more energy is present. Each Key is where you are now, and what you need to know.  Your selection represents, and changes, your energy as you look at your Key.

There is a direct way you can tune-in to the energies

through the experience of colour.

See and  use the energy of colour with the Keys of Awareness.

        All the instructions are in

The Book of Wonder

The Keys of Awareness book and cards. Rachael Wilmot

Colour Energy

classy red car. Rachael Wilmot
"Shining Out" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" Shining Out " 

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

The  Flow  of  Energy

You are surrounded by intangible energies all the time, that influence and bring about change in the physical world, and affect the way you think and feel. You are physically alive in a place that is itself alive, and constantly moving.

You gain access to the intangible spiritual energies through colour, space, light, and movement, and visible 'energy  forms'.

By looking at THE KEYS OF AWARENESS you tune-in to your own energies, and the intangible energies around you.  You enter into the flow of energy when you 'step-in' and 'walk through' the Key (and the world) by simply following  the colours, spaces, shapes, and flows.

You choose your Key to guide you to a greater realization of your own energies. THE KEYS OF AWARENESS access the many paths of discovery, delight, insight, and Wonder.  You enter the  'Open Realm' beyond the limitation of words, thoughts, and old attitudes, to see the presence of an energy behind, and in, all things.  It will change the way you look at the world and yourself, and you'll see a world that is quite different. It's  called  "Seeing Wonder".

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS are shaped to show the intangible space you occupy, and to stabilize your energy.   

The Keys of Awareness.  Rachael Wilmot

Through an awareness of colour, shape, form, light,  and movement,  you have a way of discovery, so that 

you can 'see',  know,  and  feel, these intangible energies for yourself with THE KEYS  OF  AWARENESS.


Barcelona with a Rachael Wilmot

The Energy that surrounds us

is the dynamic expression of emptiness.

Give me a wider view,

a natural appearance,

and the way between.

An empty space (the world) is defined and energized by the expression of movement, influencing everything around, with a connection to the ground that is hardly noticed, giving it power.  Scale, volume, and dynamic energy, which overwhelm our human scale, produce the most incredible feeling of dynamic movement, except it isn't moving.  Energy defines our presence, and sense of space.

"Creation" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" Creation "

Into Being

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

In Creation, the spiritual is dropped into the ocean of the infinite, causing a chain reaction, sending a wave of energy into the empty quiet spaciousness.  There is plenty of room for all this to happen.  All of this activity is held in a crescent which gently flows around you.  A new awareness of the ever-present creation is being formed.  Creation is an endless awakening to the light. Things, animals, plants, and people, are coming into being all the time.  Creation brings energy and awareness into form.

Seeing Wonder

"Seeing Wonder" New York. Rachael Wilmot


I see everything,

from where I am;


I make the connections.

"It's no accident that I'm here."

Rachael Wilmot. New York.
"The Tapestry of Life" The Keys of awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" The Tapestry of Life "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

Strands are gently interwoven in the fabric of the universe, in a geometric pattern like a grid.  There is something other than the grid.  You can see through gaps, through pools of blue.  There is a presence beyond your everyday preoccupations and involvements. "The fact that I am alive, I am connected".  Here is the interconnectedness of life that transcends time and space.   “This is me, I am here”, but your identity is connected not only through time and place, but also other dimensions.  This is the reassurance and connection of being part of a greater whole, having an identity and place in the world, and, through the symbolic quality of the grid, a deeper connection with the unknown.

Welcome to the Wonder.

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   KEYS OF AWARENESSS         Rachael Wilmot  2015

seasons jpeg
anemone jpeg

Colour is energy.   You can see and represent energy through colour, so that the full spectrum of colour is the range of the energies seen physically.  Colour can reflect the physical, mental, emotional, and  'spiritual',  aspects  of your life (especially when you choose colour combinations).   Your energy field, and your own thoughts and feelings, can actually be seen in full colour, as in the Aura.

You are here and occupy this space through colour, and energy.  Red is at the root of this spectrum of colour, and it is needed to express yourself here in the world.  Red is the physical manifestation of being here.  Red drives the world through expression.  This is your physical presence.

Enjoy your red.  Celebrate the red. Celebrate your physical life; alive and dynamic.  Red is the statement of your movement and vitality: “I will do what I will do”.  Physical life is a manifestation of spirit.  This is the heart of the matter.  This is the joy of being yourself, and a celebration of being alive.

" Classy Red "

The things you can do with 'red' are amazing,

although it's not for anything.

It's just looking good.

Colour the moment 'red'

and its influence

shines through

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