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Keys  of  Awareness

Awareness  is  the  key

to  Personal  Freedom

Your mind, through your thoughts, notions, and experience, has a tendency to filter your perception to coincide with what you already know.   To learn, or to see, anything new, you will have to look with an openness, interest, or willingness, to take-in new information.

  DIRECT  AWARENESS  is the ability to look directly at anything, or any situation, without thoughts, opinions, or preferences,  getting in the way.   This is to be open, and simply look, and be part of the observation  process. Elsewhere this has been called  "mindfulness', even though you are not using the mind  'in  a thinking way'.  

It may sound a bit strange, but by keeping your mind - actually your  thoughts -  out of it, you gain a different perspective.  Everything is, and it doesn't  need your opinion, or  'your view of things',  to see it.  Through simple observation, you enter into a relationship with the thing you look at, and an exchange of energy takes place. This will open your awareness.

Awareness  is  a continuous and expanding 'energy', and you  can 'step into it' at any point through any of   THE KEYS OF AWARENESS.      

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder. Rachael Wilmot


 The Book of Wonder "

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS are full of energy. 

Each Key is alive, and positive energy is transmitted

 through each Key,

providing insight, understanding, and awareness.

The Keys of Awareness book and 'The Winged dragon' Key card. Rachael Wilmot

" There are other dimensions to your presence here, beyond physical and material involvements, and mental speculation or opinion.  There is an energy or 'Wonder'  that you can experience yourself. "

Seeing Wonder

"The Present Moment" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" The Present Moment "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

There is a warmth and comfort, like a sandy substance. This is the assurance of place and family, and the familiarity of time, occupation and human history.  You expand your influence with this soft sandy effect that's spread across a sea of involvements.  Beneath there is movement, in a space of reflective spinning, beyond thought, and the uncertainty of that dark crescent on the horizon. In this totality of the present moment is the joy and expression of being alive.

This leads to an appreciation of the turn of events, whether right or wrong, satisfying or unjust, as an acceptance of the present.  There is a feeling of time and timelessness, of speed and calm, and being comfortable in your own heart.  An acceptance that, in the vastness of uncertainty, you are here now, creating a permanence in the present moment.

"Seeing Wonder". Rachael Wilmot



Go !

You know where you are going,

and it's all prepared for you.  

Look !

Did you stop for a moment

to see where you are ?

A Strange case of Duration

"Seeing Wonder" Rachael Wilmot
"Seeing Wonder". Rachael Wilmot

A section of a large tree is displayed in a glass case in a museum, but we cannot see the tree for the wood.  Here is the presence of a being whose existence far exceeds human life, but it has been 'categorised' so that we may comprehend it in terms of events in a linear presentation of time.  At the centre we see the start, a long, long, long time ago, but now we are only at the centre of our own world.

Do we see our life in this way, and view our life as the passage of time in the lineage of events ?  Perhaps it is not the tree that is in the case, but us, caught in a museum for presentation.  Had it been understood and appreciated for what it was, there could have been the possibility of leaving it alive, leaving us the wonder of seeing it for ourselves, rather than looking at a history of events.

"The Seasons" The Keys of awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" The Seasons "

Being Present

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

Looking up into the canopy of tall trees, seeing the light filtering through the leaves coming down to Earth.  The Earth moves on its axis creating the seasons, connecting you to this place and its’ changing seasons.  For  thousands of years, above us, the vastness of the heavens in the night sky exist beyond your earthly life.  This is about seeing the wonder of your place in the scheme of things, and being at its centre.

At the centre

Seeing Wonder at the centre. Rachael Wilmot

Areas of emptiness

contain substance

of what is truly here.

A sense of place.

"The Garden" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" The Garden "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

This is just one portion of a landscape of trees and rivers, or a view of an orchard in full bloom.  This is a primordial Garden of Eden.  Even though apparently deserted, here is richness and depth.  The spiritual glow of nature is subdued and diverted by the downward triangle of a relaxed identity in the world. This downward triangle gives direction and allows things to come to fruition without effort.  Stability is introduced, and we can now see movement and activity, and light, like seeing the stars by daylight.  The scene is teeming with life.  As soon as something comes into being, the timing of events happen according to the intangible world, and you can let things to come to fruition naturally. This is the “Garden of the Heart.”  

Inside Out

"Seeing Wonder" Rachael Wilmot

There aren't any boundaries.

There is only you here, or there.

Awareness is a theme that runs


uninterrupted through time.

Hidden among

objects, places, and times,

are assumptions of being.

We have perceptions of what

we cannot say for sure.

"Expansion" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" Expansion "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

When you look, you push-out your view onto the world, trying to make sense of it, agreeing or disagreeing, and it's difficult to see without the reasons, facts, and your opinions.  Your awareness is not confined by physical or mental parameters.  It is free to move and expand in a space that is both physical and intangible.  Your awareness can blend and become part of anything.  As this happens you become part of an expanding universe without boundaries.  Just look and listen to what is presented, for the world is constructed around your awareness, which can be surprising, and enlightening.

Outside In

"Seeing Wonder" on the Solent. Rachael Wilmot

You are never alone.

You are part of the scene.


Part of the whole.

"Lotus Light" The Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

" Lotus Light "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

There is limitless, endless, space here. Beyond the drifting clouds, there is deeper stillness.  This is the state of pure awareness, in which there is nothing else to do, or to correct.  Here is balance and harmony.  Through your sensitivity there is an acceptance, and a softening of your involved control, which allows you to occupy your own space.  Acceptance is a state of openness, and the source of your being.  


THE KEYS OF AWARENESS book and Key cards. Rachael Wilmot


 The Book of Wonder

All the Keys of Awareness are in The Book of Wonder,

with an explanation of the Energies,

and how to use the Keys.  

Each Key is also available as a large full colour card.

 KEYS OF AWARENESSS         Rachael Wilmot  2015

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