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The Open Realm

When you look at a Key, that you have chosen with your intuition, you are already engaging your awareness rather than a passive appreciation.  You can choose a Key from the book, or these are also available separately as large scale laminated cards.  Each Key is a picture of awareness, that is to say, what different states of awareness look like visually.  This is your awareness now (and it will expand), either 'naturally', or in response to a question, or problem that you wish to resolve.  The Keys will open your awareness as you look at them.  Each state of awareness is also a Realm that you visit. [Realms are places, or states of awareness ].  We are multi-dimensional, in that we can see, 'move', and know, on different levels, and there are other Realms that we can become aware of.  The Open Realm is a state of awareness in the world here and now.

How to open your awareness to wonder

The KEYS OF AWARENESS give you access to the energies that surround and support you all the time, and also other dimensions and States of Being, that you can enter into.

They are called Keys because, like music, they 'unfold' as you look at them and more is revealed about what you feel and know about yourself and the world.  This is awareness.  Awareness is the ability to be open, rather than perception, which seeks to confirm what you already think.  This is about looking and seeing.  When you use a Key you are not looking for something (lots of people can recognise all sorts of objects and images in the Keys), but instead you are going to use "DIRECT AWARENESS", that is, seeing without a personal preference, expectation, or any identification (of anything).  You are to look and be open to what you see (for you will be surprised and informed about something).

The Keys of Awareness will open your awareness,

through the simple exercise of looking.

Looking at the Key you are actually looking through the Chakras {Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart or the Solar Plexus}, and this process of looking will connect you with a particular energy in the Key, and the Key will come to life.  

 This is the Open Realm

First, select a Key that you are drawn to ~ either in response to a question, or to gain an insight into a situation, or to 'show the way'.  Have a look at your Key, and when you look 'scan' it, or look for details, certain colours, or a small area, that you may be drawn to, as you 'go deeper' into the image.

When you get the sense of this three dimensional feeling, other sensations, memories, sounds, colours, and even perfumes, and past lives, can emerge (depending on the person).  For some there may be an insight into what is going on in their life, the effect of certain energies, now seen in colour, or a feeling of balance, or direction, and as you go deeper there will be a resolution that can also be discovered in the Key.  The Keys have a power to them that is elemental or profound.

If you look out of the window of your house, you may not 'expect' to see anything in particular, but if you give it your attention, something will surely be happening, not least 'just the weather, or time of day'.  Something will catch your attention, almost without any intention on your part.  This does not require effort or concentration ~ it is only looking out of the window.  This light, casual, approach (without thoughts, or intention, or concentration), is what is required.  In some sense, you don't have to DO anything (except let your perception do what it does).  In much the same way, you could let the Key 'speak to you', or reveal its' wonder.  

It's all in the approach. This is the starting point to 'Wonder'.

That's how it works.  It is not meditation, or concentration ~ just being open as you look.  The Keys are a direct way to open your awareness.  With this open awareness the world becomes (changes to) a different place.

  "Alive in a place that is itself alive, moving through in three dimensions."

Now 'immerse yourself in' this area or feature ~ like 'stepping into' a scene ~ and give it your full attention.  This will alter the whole scale of the Key as your perception alters.  You will get a three dimensional feeling (of  'being in the scene').  If this doesn't happen you remain looking at a flat coloured picture, so you will need to relax more, expect nothing, and let it happen.  You only have 'to be there' looking.

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