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The 39 Keys of Awareness are presented in full colour, with text on the energy and other karmic connections in an order of expanding awareness, from Perception, Generating Energy and Creativity, to Acceptance, Light, and Spiritual Freedom.  Each Key is a state of Being that you enter into through  'Direct Awareness', which is explained through a simple process of looking and understanding.   You  may step in at any point with the selection of your Key.

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS  are portals to step into other worlds, other realms, and other times.  Each Key is a different place, or awareness, that you enter into.  These are places of wonder.


You can work with The 39 Keys of Awareness in The Book of Wonder, or through individual cards for connection, healing, and insight.

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS  allow you to step into other dimensions, without the need to think, compare, or comment  ~ very much like a visual meditation, where you are truly open to the flow of energy.  

Each Key is also available as beautiful full coloured laminated card in the shape of the Key, with text on the reverse. The Keys can be used for the transferance of energy (locating and solving problems), visual meditation, or they can be placed in your working or living space for positive and healing energy.


insight, meaning, and direction.

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 " The Keys of Awareness

    The Book of Wonder "


131 Pages    195 X 245 mm

Illustrated in full colour

with complete instructions

Hard Back

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