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Seeing Wonder

Seeing Wonder Rachael Wilmot

Something beyond

“ Pure Energy has many Forms.”
Something beyond where you are.

Your heart generates awareness of the world through your sensitivity, intuition, enthusiasm, and optimism, rather than just your emotional or material involvement. "Putting your heart into it" is the natural expression of the centre of your being. This can take many forms in your everyday life, as knowing, receptivity, and appreciation.

Keys of Awareness Rachael Wilmot

Lion Heart

“ I am alive ”

From a physical presence something else has happened. From the hearts’ centre spiritual awareness and insight bursts forth and enters the world. “I am alive”. I am aware, and I am open to endless possibilities. I am free to choose, and to look and listen. My life is the source of awareness and wonder. “I have arrived !”

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "