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Seeing Wonder

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

Satin Sky

Natural Appearance

The light of day
A continuation of a theme
Wonders not of our making
enhance our appreciation

The light and energy has the quality of satin. Looking at an ethereal, and impermanent scene, fills us with a sense of expansion and assurance. As we look at it we feel it. We can only witness the scene, which is over in a few moments, and yet we take from it an understanding that remains permanently part of us.

Keys of Awareness  Rachael Wilmot

Deeper peace

This celestial scene lifts you into another dimension. A deeper peace is on offer. A luminous light draws you in. There is a calmness and clarity, that creates an overall effect of tranquillity, and the feeling of moving through deeper peaceful states. Harmony is achieved through softness and acceptance, and the quietness of reflection and contemplation. This is the joy of being, in a sea of otherworldly contentment. Contained within the appearance of tranquillity is a powerful spiritual awareness. With the balance of softness and strength, brightness and subtlety, movement and stillness. comes the expanding influence of Optimism. What may have been a realm in the sky becomes a powerful realisation of the unending expansion of calm energy.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "