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I've  always  been able to see the  intangible energies that surround and support us.  As a child it seemed to me to  be easy and straight-forward, and I could only suspect that others saw this too, but never mentioned it.  It was quite some time before I realised that, apparently, no one else could see 'the Wonder'.

It took me a whole year to paint The Keys.  During this period I also received a lot of information, insights, and many  past life experiences, while working on the Keys. This was not exactly 'channelled' (as many seem to want to suggest) but instigated, or inspired, by each Key.  It took me a further two years preparing the text for each Key in  'The Book of Wonder'.

After 8 years in South Yorkshire, I now live in Hampshire, with my partner Tom Leworthy [TAO I CHING.COM].   At present I am working on a series of paintings that reflect aspects of energy and  awareness, and the Intangible Realms, in "Landscapes of Awareness". The colours and 'energy forms' have developed a greater intensity, and seem to get  'deeper', more mysterious, and profound.  These Energy Paintings open-up and reveal the richness of the intangible energies, in much the same way as The Keys serve as an introduction to 'Direct Awareness'.


Hi !   I'm Rachael Wilmot  


" This world is richer, deeper, and more wonderful, than you realise.  The world isn't just a material and physical place ~  it extends much further "


Rachael Wilmot

I started out as a musician at Huddersfield School of Music, and then a Combined Degree in Music and  Fine Art at Brighton.  I taught clarinet at a number of private schools  at Brighton for a few years, before moving to rural West Wales. My passion for music remains, but professionally I paint.   After some years painting figurative works, based on spiritual insights,  I decided to paint  'the intangible energies' directly.  This coincided with  Healing as a Reiki Master, and 15 years running classes and workshops on Reiki, meditation,  psychic development, and teaching  others how to see and paint  'the energies'.  After another move, to the North, I published my book, and spent the next five years exhibiting at Mind Body Spirit Fairs, throughout England and Wales.

There were many people on 'the Otherside' who made appearances during the painting of the Keys, as well as my own past life experiences -  dating back to a non-human life in a world of plants, later as a 'caveman', the Toltec dynasty, a blackman in slavery, the Inquizition, and through the ages, up to the First World War, and even a life (shortened by disaster) in  the Nottingham coal pits in the 1930s - each life being part of  an ongoing trend towards greater awareness.  As such, I have even taken this further to look at my next life in Milan !

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