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The Landscape of Awareness

I paint from inspiration, insight, and observation, to form a link between the intangible and the tangible, and a direct contact between colour and wonder.  The theme that runs through all of my work is the manifestation and materialisation of 'wonder'.   I see large voids of deep space, and colour and light everywhere.  I paint what I see, and I want to capture the profound mystery and wonder of the intangible and elemental world around me.  I want to release 'the intangible' into the material world, through colour, form, space, and light.  

The Energy Paintings.

Awareness is like a vast landscape, that you can journey through.  Each painting is an insight into a mysterious landscape.  The landscape isn't a place exactly, but more a 'realm of awareness'.  It is visual, and you can 'move through' it, and it also stimulates your awareness.  Colour and light expands and contracts according to your focus and awareness.  It can be contracted to a thought or conditioned response, or expanded beyond the senses into other 'sensations'.  

Although you occupy a physical place, your perception occupies a much wider space and your heart expands outward to these further reaches.  Thoughts take your emotional and rational attention inwards to what you already know, but your awareness expands your perception outwards to realise something else.  

The realms of Awareness are intangible, but in a painting they can be seen and appreciated through a sensitivity, which is more than just seeing.  It is an awareness, incorporating all of the senses.  The colours in the realms are more luminous than in reality, and that colour can have a weight, taste, or a sound to it.

Colour is where the intangible and the tangible meet.  Colour is the bridge.  Colour can be seen physically and experienced emotionally, and it informs you on a deeper level.  This deeper level is your awareness, which is informed all the time by everything, tangible and intangible.  In the experience of colour, it is possible to use your awareness to enrich your life.  Connecting with colour through ' Direct Awareness' opens the doors to new understanding.

What you see and feel informs you of the landscape you inhabit,

as a state of being.  

ANCESTORS Rachael Wilmot

This is the landscape of your own awareness.