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Seeing Wonder

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

In the presence of trees

Standing still

the light is timeless
in the presence of trees

We think we are the only ones here.
Well, the only ones that really count.

In the presence of trees.
They don't think they are here.
They are here.
It's quite a feeling being in their presence.
Being here.

Keys of Awareness  Rachael Wilmot


Within the greens of nature are all the living energies. There is a ‘wonder’ to everything here and we can feel the effect. When you step into the forest, you enter the world of energy. Here, the energy of the tree. The upward flow of energy is slow and measured like a solution dissolving in water. It flows downward, creating a solid stable foundation. The apple green lets in the right amount of light and influence. The green itself says what light can enter.

Everything around you is alive, and the further in you go, the deeper the mystery. “Being alive in a place that is itself alive, moving through in three dimensions. Alive but not alone. Alive Here, in a great mystery.”
Here is our connection with Earth.

Even though we aspire to ascend, the spiritual can be found rooted, and being, in the Earth itself. The spiritual infuses everything. Our feeling and intuition can move us deeper. This profound feeling stirs the emotions, and disrupts thoughts, as we perceive The Great Mystery.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "