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Seeing Wonder

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

In the High Skies

Crossing the skies.
what a marvellous moment
to give a wider view
above the world
that doesn't exist.

Keys of Awareness  Rachael Wilmot

Living in the Clouds

This is a strange view, high up in the clouds, unconnected to reality. The cloud forms are expansive and have a life of their own. Clouds shift, move, and roll, over a mirrored green background. This ground underneath is intense, reflective and slippery, like electrical energy. It is a shiny surface with no dimensions. Through focus and adjustment, things, however undefined, are put into perspective.
These clouds are the opposite of reason, seriousness, coercion and control. These are the comforting clouds of acceptance. They reflect the light and bring-in movement and transformation in a subtle, soft, acceptable way. The clouds relax emotional tension and holding, bringing in space, light, and relaxation.
Relax into soft clouds while the world turns by itself. Once you understand this principle you can go to the clouds at any time, and for no reason. This is ‘The Softening Process’, and it goes much further.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "