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Seeing Wonder


Going somewhere ?

There is no gate

to a world of green.
You are already here.

In this deep forest you could ‘loose yourself’, and forget everything else. There is the energy of the quiet depth of the forest, without sound, and the branches of the trees as a presence, of colour and softness, without movement. You can be here, just as you are.

Keys of Awareness  Rachael Wilmot

Enough room for you

In Soundless Space nothing stirs. Listening and receiving allows you to go within to that place where you just are. There is enough room for you to look around. You can be here, just as you are. It is like allowing yourself to sink into yourself and softly let go of tensions and worldly responsibilities and restrictions. You are here in the world, in the body you are in, but this location has other dimensions. Here there is stillness, release, and a place to be.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "