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Through an awareness of colour, shape, form, light, and movement, you have another way of discovery and enlightenment. You can 'see', know, and feel, these intangible energies for yourself with THE KEYS  OF  AWARENESS.

You are surrounded by intangible energies that influence and bring about change in the physical world, and affect the  way you think and feel. You are physically alive in a place that is itself alive, and constantly moving.

By looking at THE KEYS OF AWARENESS you tune-in to your own energies, and the intangible energies around you.  You enter into the flow of energy when you 'step-in' and 'walk through' the Key (and the  world) by simply following  the colours, spaces, shapes,  and flows.

You choose your Key to guide you to a greater realization of your own energies and power. THE KEYS OF AWARENESS access the many paths of discovery, delight, insight, and Wonder.  You enter the  'Open Realm'  beyond the limitation of words, thoughts, and old attitudes, to see the presence of an energy behind, and in, all things.  It's all a matter of sensitivity, but to get there you have to let go of some of your opinions and conclusions.   It will change the way you look at the world and yourself, and you'll see a world that is quite different.  It's  called  "Seeing Wonder".

When you look at your Key there is an energy transference which brings about a natural healing, and a greater spititual awareness. This opens and expands your awareness, and will have an influence on your daily life.  You gain access to the intangible spiritual energies through colour, space, light, and movement, and visible 'energy  forms'.

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS are shaped to show and stabilize your energy.   You have a material, physical, and emotional, presence, here in the material world, and in the intangible space you  occupy, and this is shown by the shape of  your  Key.

The  Flow  of  Energy

KEYS OF AWARENESS   Rachael Wilmot


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The Energy That Surrounds Us

is the dynamic expression of emptiness.

Give me a wider view,

a natural appearance,

and the way between.

An empty space (the world) is defined and energized by the expression of movement, influencing everything around, with a connection to the ground that is hardly noticed, giving it power.  Scale, volume, and dynamic energy, which overwhelm our human scale, produce the most incredible feeling of dynamic movement, except it isn't moving.  Energy defines our presence, and sense of space.

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" Creation "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

In Creation, the spiritual is dropped into the ocean of the infinite, causing a chain reaction, sending a wave of energy into the empty quiet spaciousness.  There is plenty of room for all this to happen.  All of this activity is held in a crescent which gently flows around you.  A new awareness of the ever-present creation is being formed.  Creation is an endless awakening to the light. Things, animals, plants, and people, are coming into being all the time.  Creation brings energy and awareness into form.

Into Being

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

A clear moment.

Encounter the unseen visible

within us.


Earth energy is raising itself up from deep in the earth, up through the clouds, to the highest point.  At the highest point is the clearest air.  This is the highest point on Earth, and is a place of peace and clarity, where the influence of Heaven is felt most clearly.  The light is different, and the air is different.  Here is a balance of physical movement and strength with softness and intuition.

As you move into this sensitivity there is a clarity like being in the clear air of the Himalayas.  You reach up with a conscious opening of awareness, and through the clarity and spaciousness you are inspired.  This is the presence of something else, beyond your material and mental life, like the sun which aids your willing progress.  You need to be open to the presence of the intangible and the support this offers, through intuition, the realisation of greater possibilities, and spiritual insight.  Above the Earth and beyond the clouds there is the warm glow of silence and radiating energy which leads to the realisation that you are blessed.

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" The Guiding Star " 

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

"Seeing Wonder" Rachael Wilmot

There is light here,

bursting softly through.

“You have a life here”

" Testament " 

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

A little bird told me

Some years ago, I took a trip to New York, and went to the top of the Empire State Building.  All that queuing around the block, waiting to get into the building. All that squashing and waiting to get into lifts.  Finally, arriving so high-up on the top of the Empire State Building, felt like something of an achievement.  At the top, a pigeon was already there.  I'll never forget what a little bird told me.

"It's so natural, just so easy.

Do what you naturally do.

Go where you naturally go.

Be who you naturally are"

Meetings beyond the ordinary appear

as you go, where you go,

everywhere you go.

The Winged Dragon tells us that one way is assertive, uncompromising, single minded, and intentional, and the other is the freeing of energy through a combination of understanding, confidence, and intention.  It is possible to achieve your aims in a quiet confidence without the need to push or over-assert yourself.

The universe expands to incorporate new stars and galaxies, and every day something new is created, thought, discovered, and experienced.  In this vast scheme of things you get another go, endlessly.  Variety, evolution, and the unexpected, brings new possibilities.

New possibilities

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" The Winged dragon " 

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

Seeing Wonder

I see everything,

from where I am;


I make the connections.

"It's no accident that I'm here"


Strands are gently interwoven in the fabric of the universe, in a geometric pattern like a grid.  There is something other than the grid.  You can see through gaps, through pools of blue.  There is a presence beyond your everyday preoccupations and involvements. "The fact that I am alive, I am connected".  Here is the interconnectedness of life that transcends time and space.   “This is me, I am here”, but your identity is connected not only through time and place, but also other dimensions.  This is the reassurance and connection of being part of a greater whole, having an identity and place in the world, and, through the symbolic quality of the grid, a deeper connection with the unknown.

" The Tapestry of Life "

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

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The story of your life is contained in a tablet which is your Testament.  The tablet contains the writing of the history of individual existence.  Each person has one of these tablets, completed in their lifetime.  While you are here, you have been given this body and all of these earthly connections.  You live them out through time, building on them, and refining them, as a witness of life.  The spiritual dimension to everyday life is your relationship with everyone and everything else, and through purpose and connection, intention and significance, you live and share the story of your life.  When the emotions are settled, you gain a sense of place, a level of comfort and peace, as a timeless and calm stability.

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