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Thoughts and feelings, intuition, sensitivity, and imagination, are all intangible qualities  that embrace the physical and material world. The past, the future, even an hour ago, play a large part in your life, even though they are not physically  present.   You live in your thoughts, feelings, sensitivities, memories and hopes, most of the time.   Even though you are in a material world, you do live your life through the intangible energies.  The material world takes a lot of your time and attention, and so too, the intangible energies of your thoughts and feelings also take-up a lot of space, and form a whole world which you inhabit.    Welcome to the intangible world.

There is a universe of intangible worlds. Each of the  39 Keys of Awareness are steps into these worlds.

When you choose a Key you respond to your inner knowing, to find your own personal insight and understanding, to reveal other Realms  of Being.  THE KEYS OF AWARENESS are a step into the flow of energy and space that you inhabit, which radiates through the world.

 The 39 Keys of Awareness

       The Book of Wonder

" There are other dimensions to your presence here.  Beyond physical and material involvements, and mental speculation or opinion, there is an energy or 'wonder' that you can experience yourself. "


can only be in the present moment