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Seeing Wonder

Cornucopia Garden

A creative mystery in abundant style.

Abundance, variety, and fullness. A creative expression of fruit, flowers and rich foliage appear, as if out of nowhere. This is dynamic activity and growth. As Summer moves into the abundance of Autumn, there is a positively charged expression that produces dynamic creative abundance.

Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536) in his 'Foundations of the Abundant Style' comments that "Nature delights in the abundance of variety". Indeed, abundance makes variety possible. His 'De Copia ' is a book designed to help form an appreciation and capacity for variety, not for its own sake, but that of cultivating 'style' or optimism. A lack of optimism leads to an emptiness filled with the superficial. Here is the creative mystery in abundant style.

Looking into scenes,

to focus on fine details.
Fresh air sharpens the senses.
Interesting to discover
no one reality is exclusive.

Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

In Cornucopia is the greater depth of being here, alive. Inside you, your energy or intention fizzles like fireworks, or unfolds like the opening of a fern leaf. A paisley pattern of white energies are unfolding, letting go, and dissolving. Thoughts are dissolving, making light energy. Everything is stirred up, creating diversity, variety, and excitement. This inner life, of all these dimensions and movements of energy, is expressed in the world. This confidence of living, and dissolving thoughts, creates abundance. Living life to the full.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "