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Seeing Wonder

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot


I see everything,

from where I am;
I make the connections.
"It's no accident that I'm here"

Keys of Awareness  Rachael Wilmot

The Tapestry Of Life

‘It’s no accident that I’m here’

Strands are gently interwoven in the fabric of the universe, in a geometric pattern like a grid. There is something other than the grid. You can see through gaps, through pools of blue. There is a presence beyond your everyday preoccupations and involvements. Here is the interconnectedness of life that transcends time and space. “The fact that I am alive, I am connected”. “This is me, I am here”. The substance of your body is of the earth, but your identity is connected not only through time and place, but also other dimensions. This is the reassurance and connection of being part of a greater whole, having an identity and place in the world, and, through the symbolic quality of the grid, a deeper connection with the unknown.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "