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Colour has a deeper meaning than you might suspect.  Colour is the quickest and easiest access to the subtle energies that surround us all the time.   Each colour doesn't have a set meaning, although many modern colour theories, and ancient systems align spiritual, mental, and physical, aspects to certain colours, as in the Chakras.

Colour is energy.   You can see and represent energy through colour, so that the full spectrum of colour is the range of the energies seen physically.  Colour can reflect the physical, mental, emotional, and  'spiritual',  aspects  of your life (especially when you choose colour combinations).   Your energy field, and your own thoughts and feelings, can actually be seen in full colour, as in the Aura.

It's as simple as that.

The energies are shown to you visually in full colour, without the need for theory, explanation, or concepts.  No  thinking is required.   Even looking at a single colour will produce an effect, (and your favourite colour will say  a lot about you, or at least how you feel today)  but  in THE  KEYS OF AWARENESS a lot more energy is  present. Each Key is where you are now, and what you need to know.  Your selection represents, and changes, your energy as you look at your Key.

There is a direct way you can tune-in to the energies

through the experience of colour.

Colour  Energies

Hi,   I'm Rachael Wilmot.  

I'd like to introduce you to The Keys of Awareness.  The Keys of Awareness are like musical keys, rather than a key to a door, so that, as you listen, the music unfolds. In much the same way, The Keys of Awareness are experienced, and, as you look, your awareness is opened and expanded.

Seeing and  using the energy of colour is easy enough to do.

       All the instructions are in

 "THE KEYS OF AWARENESS  The Book of Wonder".

Colour is more than this.   Colour is a realm of awareness, rather than an element of depiction or representation. Colour is a living energy that you can relate to, through your awareness, and you connect simply by looking with a 'sensitivity' or 'being open'. Colour is the bridge that connects your physical and emotional responses, and also informs and inspires you on a deeper level.  This deeper level is an awareness of the intangible energies.

KEYS OF AWARENESS  Rachael Wilmot Rachael Wilmot

You are here and occupy this space through colour, and energy.  Red is at the root of this spectrum of colour, and it is needed to express yourself here in the world.  Red is the physical manifestation of being here.  Red drives the world through expression.  This is your physical presence.

Enjoy your red.  Celebrate the red. Celebrate your physical life; alive and dynamic.  Red is the statement of your movement and vitality: “I will do what I will do”.  Physical life is a manifestation of spirit.  This is the heart of the matter.  This is the joy of being yourself, and a celebration of being alive.

red car

" Classy Red "

The things you can do with 'red' is amazing,

although it's not for anything.

It's just looking good.

Colour the moment

'red' and its influence

shines through

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

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" Shining Out " 

Colour Energy

Seeing Wonder


" I  Was  Here "

This is a portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife.  The painter Van Eyck was interested in the effects of the reflection of light.  At the back of the room two figures are reflected on the mirror's convex surface, that are not seen in the main portrait, and one of these may be the painter himself. The clarity of the scene is reflected on the clear, shiny, lens of the mirror, like an unseen eye.

Wealth, illusion, status,

religion, and transience.

A moment in time and place, recorded.

The painting is signed and dated, and painted on the wall above the mirror:

"Johannes de Eyck fuit hic  1434"  ("Jan van Eyck was here 1434").


The people who are witnessing the scene are not present.

We are jolted into a different reality.

Seeing the red cloth in the washer, and the quality of the red fabric, the strength of the colour, and its' richness, reminded me immediately of Arnolfini.  The washer and its' contents are real, but the image in the reflection is only temporary.  I observe that I am in the scene and yet not present.

Seeing Wonder  Rachael Wilmot

Within the sphere of clarity there is a quiet, unassuming, quality, that is seen in the reflection, as in a spyglass, or seeing it reflected on its’ lens, afar off, seen close.  Through your awareness you have a place in the infinite.

rainbow golden dawn jpeg

" Rainbow Golden Dawn "

This is the landscape of being aware.  Beauty, wonder, and great depth, are transformed by the dawn, as you are by awareness.  Ideas, ideals, and views change.  Relationships change.  You are not the same person you thought you were yesterday.  This is a new spiritual dawn. When you see the wonder, on any day, when you are still and clear, you reflect ‘Wonder’.  Through your awareness you have a place in the infinite.              

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "

Welcome to the Wonder.