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Seeing Wonder



You Shine !

Uplifting Summer Blue

Our inherent nature is to be optimistic, forward looking, and forward thinking. This optimism is like a sparkling effervescent energy full of movement and dynamism. Here is a reflective blue that is still, and yet full of energy that connects us immediately with our life energy, creating a burst of optimism.
Optimism is an essential part of us. It is our creative expression, and motivation. It is very bright and dynamic. It is our light. It is our own energy that is perpetual. It is perfectly natural for you to be your optimistic self, although it's not always the case that it will be reflected back by the world. So you take your chances, but it's you who lights up the world.

It's worth bearing in mind,

not all puddles reflect,
and maps don't include the weather.

Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

Your attention is caught by Boundless Energy that is electrifying, connecting, and expanding. Light is diffusing, dispersing, and making more light. It’s a clear sky, and a beautiful day. Here is a source of boundless energy that you can tap into, and take-in as much energy as you need. Become aware of the energy of the day, as the light filters down and through, infusing everything. As you walk through it, so you receive it.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "