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Awareness is the key to Personal Freedom

Your mind, through your thoughts, notions, and experience, has a tendency to filter your perception to coincide with what you already know. To learn, or to see, anything new, you will have to look with an openess, interest, or willingness, to take-in new information.

DIRECT AWARENESS is the ability to look directly at anything, or any situation, without thoughts, opinions, or prefernces, getting in the way. This is to be open, and simply look and be part of the observation process. Elsewhere this has been called "mindfulness', even though you are not using the mind 'in a thinking way'. This leads to greater awareness.

It may sound a bit strange, but by keeping your mind - actually your thoughts - out of it, you gain a different perspective. Everything is, and it doesn't need your opinion, or 'your view of things', to see it. Through simple obersvation, you enter into a relationship with the thing you look at, and an exchange of energy takes place.

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS will show your energy, what is missing or undiscovered in your life, and introduce you to other states of being.

Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot


The physical body has a continuity that runs through time, life after life. The unbroken theme is consciousness.

To see, feel, and know, these intangible energies for yourself, will change you and the world you live in. Awareness is continuous and expanding and you can step-in at any point through any of THE KEYS OF AWARENESS.

THE KEYS OF AWARENESS are full of energy. Each Key is alive, and positive energy is transmitted through each Key, providing insight, understanding, and natural healing.


" Seeing what is "

Your awareness is not confined by physical or mental parameters. It is free to move and expand in a space that is both physical and intangible.


" The Source "

Through awareness there is a softening of involved control, which allows you to occupy your own space. This awareness is the scource of your being. It gives light, fullness, and a spiritual state that unfolds here.


" It's no accident that I'm here "

The fact that I am alive, I am connected to a time and place, and to other dimensions. This is the assurance of being part of a greater whole and having a place in this world.


" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "