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Seeing Wonder

A strange case of Duration

Duration in a museum

Time recorded

Duration Happening

A section of a large tree is displayed in a glass case in a museum, but we cannot see the tree for the wood. Here is the presence of a being whose existence far exceeds human life, but it has been categorised so that we may comprehend it in terms of events in a linear presentation of time. At the centre we see the start, a long, long, long time ago.

We are here now at the centre of our own world. Do we see our life in this way, and view our life as the passage of time in the lineage of events ? Perhaps it is not the tree that is in the case, but us, in a museum, as a presentation of the past.
Had it been understood and appreciated for what it was, there could have been the possibility of leaving it alive, leaving us the wonder of seeing it for ourselves, rather than looking at a lineage of events.

Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

Being Present

Looking up into the canopy of tall trees, seeing the light filtering through the leaves coming down to Earth. The Earth moves on its axis creating the seasons, connecting you to this place and its’ changing seasons. For thousands of years, above us, the vastness of the heavens in the night sky exists beyond your earthly life. This is about seeing the wonder of your place in the scheme of things, and being at its centre.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "