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Seeing Wonder

A Light Presence

It leaves the meaningful statements and illustrations of the windows

and creates a spontaneous expression of changing splendour.
Light cannot be contained.

During a lifespan in an inherited place

we are used to seeing through the filter of
our ancestors' ways.
Catch a glimpse in a new light.

There is something beyond the story of what you see. There is a natural positive, creative expression, free from thought, that cannot be contained. A magical flourish of colour is the joy of expression and imagination. There is room to expand and change the scene, in an atmosphere of positive expanding energy, that gives you more vitality, interest, and enjoyment.

Keys of Awareness. Rachael Wilmot

This is The Theatre of Life, where the yellow and orange have burst forth from the centre, over the pink edges of the stage. They cannot be contained and the colours pour out, like the petals of a flower, gaining strength and momentum. In all your life, your choice is made in the present, from what you see.
This is not about your own personal viewpoint, since that ‘personal’ viewpoint is merely a reflection of tired, but tried and tested, old negative, or holding, energy. No one viewpoint can ever have the correct view since the world is open to everything, and it's changing all the time.

You can live without the feelings of insecurity, fitting-in, or responsibility, and expand out into the world, without fear, compromise, or worrying about the reaction. You can choose to use what you have in an imaginative way, and the light of the world is here for you. The sun comes out every morning and lights everything up. Life is a big presentation, and you step out onto the stage. Things do happen between the stage and the audience, but all the action takes place on the stage, with you. You have been born into it, and are here to play, and adventure in it.

" THE KEYS OF AWARENESS ~ The Book of Wonder "